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Reduce your business expenses
with our no-cost consulting services.

Expenses often get overlooked in day-to-day operations. As diligent as your operations group is, it can be hard to know when certain expenses are too high. That’s where we come in.

Best of all, our services are entirely results based. If we don’t lower your expenses, you don’t pay a thing.


Expenses Analyzed


Average Savings


Success Rate


Cost to you if nothing found


Our Team Lives &
Breathes Expenses

We know where to look, what is expected, and what is too high.


We analyze 6 key expense categories using our proven process that uncovers, alerts, and helps you reduce expenses. 

The best part? We only get paid as consultants if we lower your expenses. 

Service Areas

We examine 6 proven areas

where companies often over-pay.

How it Works

Performance-based expense reduction. Sound to good to be true?

Healthcare Specialists

For a vaiety of reasons, Healthcare provders can benefit from our services the most.


What's the catch?

Expense reduction that you only pay for if it works? Seems too good to be true.

Simply put, we specialize in this area and are confident we can reduce your expenses

A results-based model puts the risk on us, not you. We’re happy to take on the challenge

Can’t we just do this without your help?

Sure. However, our services have several advantages over in-house expense audits.

We know what to look for

Our services save you time and resources

Client Testimonials


Tarheel Company Capital Corp
Vice President

Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company
Corporate Controller

Drexel Heritage Furniture
Chief Financial Officer

"We were originally relunctant to engage the service of Expense Management due to other billing reviews that were completed. You were very thorough and uncovered a couple of items that fell through the cracks."

“We have recently used the services of Expense Management, for the third time, in reviewing our different expense categories. In each instance, we have reaped the benefits of your cost reduction and cost recovery services”

“It was highly benificial to us to have Expense Management conduct this review, in order to see if our indirect cost were at their lowest levels. As a result of Expense Management’s findings, it was obvious we had some room for improvement.”

Shadow on Concrete Wall


Manufacturing Industry

A large furniture manufacturer was in a cost-cutting mode and wanted to simplify their purchasing process. They engaged Expense Management to help them.

A total of $5.3 Million

in expenses & over 100 suppliers were reviewed

Due to multiple suppliers providing products in one specific category, several suppliers were consolidated, reducing costs, and simplifying Accounts Payable

This created a lesser burden for the accounts payable department

Expense Management was able to negotiate goods and services prices in five key areas creating a savings of 10% on their spend.

Past Clients


Ready to reduce expenses?

Shoot us a quick note to set up a consultation.

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