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Our Proven Process

An expense audit can feel overwhelming, but with a step-by-step process,
no areas are overlooked.

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Expense Review Process

Preliminary Expense Review

We will conduct a no-cost, confidential review of your annual expenses by obtaining a copy of your General Ledger Statement and Vendor Listing to determine what your annual spend is in each category and what vendors you are currently using.

Gather Historical Spend Data

We collect and analyze detailed historical expense data from each of the vendors in addition to any supplier agreements that are in place. We also identify your vendor service requirements and specifications where appropriate.


We will report back to you with our findings and recommendations along with the annual savings you will realize as a result of our efforts.

Audit and Further Review

After implementation, we will track and monitor all vendor compliance to make certain that you are achieving the new price levels as promised and that savings are being realized as promised. We report all savings to you on a monthly basis unless other arrangements are made.

Scope of Work to be Completed

After reviewing your General Ledger Statement, we will have determined what expense areas and what vendors we will be able to help you with. We will then have you move forward with completing our Consultant Agreement and Letter of Authorization so that we can start the review of your various expenses.

Contract and Invoice Review

Our team of professionals will review all language, T&C’s, your vendor invoices, and your vendor records. We are uniquely qualified to leverage our knowledge, purchasing power and expense category expertise on your behalf.


We will implement the recommendations that are approved by you. In the event you make a new vendor selection in any area, we will facilitate the transition for you.

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