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About Us

Since 1990 we have assisted many public and private companies along with non-profit organizations and more with our cost reduction services.

Expense Management Consulting

As experienced and knowledgeable consultants, we can help your organization reduce some of its highest operating expenses by auditing and reviewing several different areas for cost recovery and cost savings.

Our various review services deliver lasting and tangible value to our clients. Our mission is to deliver maximum results as quickly as possible.

Our consulting services are provided on a contingency basis, a method of relating fees directly to cost reduction results. Under this arrangement, Expense Management, Inc. provides its clients with a perfect win-win, no-risk opportunity.

If there is no refund or savings, there simply is no fee!

Experience That Gets You Results

Derrin Lipa
Founder and CEO

For over 30 years Derrin Lipa has consulted clients in reducing their expenses.  

Derrin's expertise spans across all facets of operations, evaluating key expense drivers and sources of inefficiency. With significant time in this field, Derrin has established relationships with key vendors and grown his own network of expense specialists, with expertise in shipping, waste management, contracts, supplies and healthcare areas.

Subject Matter Experts

Our advisory team and some of the specialization in specific expense categories or areas of opportunity. 

Kevin W


Barry D

Medical & Surgical Supplies, Lab Testing, Medical Waste

Shawn S

Freight & Small Parcel

Lee H

Contract Compliance, Vendor Credit Recovery,

A/P Audit, Healthcare A/R Audit

Ready to reduce expenses?

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