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100% Success Rate
Average Overall Savings 20.2%

Expense Management has found savings for every client we have partnered with by bringing industry expertise and a proven process that increases overall profitability and creates operational efficiencies.

Our Services

We locate money that has already gone out your door and bring it back (obtain refunds/credits); positively impacting your budget for years to come (creating on-going cost reductions) and improving vendor relationships.

We obtain “best in class” pricing with your existing vendor partners as many have unpublished rates and maintain availability of certain rates for specific clients and situations.  

Through our forensic reviews and expert contract negotiations, we will work independently to identify erroneous billings, benchmark your current cost structure, and renegotiate contracts to maximize value with vendor partners without diminishing existing service levels. We are independent analysts that work on your behalf and in your best interests to obtain reasonable costs for the products and services your organization uses to ensure a better financial bottom line.               

Top 6 Areas Reviewed



electricity, natural gas, propane

Security Services

phone, data, internet, cable TV, wireless phones/devices

Waste Disposal
garbage, recycling, shredding, hazardous waste

Document Output
copiers, printers, fax machines

Equipment and IT Leases

Service and Maintenance Agreements

Medical and Surgical Supplies


Medical Waste

Laundry and Linen

Pharmacy Costs

Medical Gases


Accounts Receivable

Medical Claims


Office Supplies and Equipment

Printing and Forms

Computer Supplies and Equipment

Temporary Staffing Services

Payroll Services

Data Destruction

Document Storage 

Merchant Services Processing and Bank Fees




Janitorial Supplies and Services

Paper Products

Medical and Safety Products



Food and Beverage

Packaging and Corrugated Containers

Industrial Supplies - MRO

Small Parcel
UPS, Fed Ex, DHL and US Postal Service

LTL, TL, Rail, Container, Air, International

Sales and Use Tax

Accounts Payable Audit

Vendor Statement and Contract Compliance Audit

Lost Funds Recovery

Areas Reviewed

Of all industries, healthcare firms often have some of the highest expenses. We’ve had great success saving hospitals and smaller practices millions in annual expenses. 
Hospitals experience operational lapses and financial leakage due to breakdowns in processes and controls. The problem persists because hospitals and health systems face constant change while managing complex environments in an unending pursuit to remain compliant with internal controls and external regulations. Unfortunately, hospitals lose millions of dollars annually due to these common pressure points that are inherent to the healthcare industry.

Our broad experience in the healthcare field means that we can perform a better deep dive analysis in each category; versus a healthcare firm only use its own baseline and experience. We can compare your data to that of other clients along with pricing and contracts.

Highlight on Healthcare

Highlight Healthcare

Why Expense Management?


Our risk-free cost reduction analysis is done at no out-of-pocket cost to you.  We find the money we are paid, so there is no line item in your budget.  
No recovery or savings = No fee.


In 30 Days your organization will achieve new budget capabilities and see immediate quantifiable impact. 

Client Friendly

Our client-friendly services are non-invasive.  We will identify savings for your organization without interruption to employees. 

Ready to reduce expenses?

Shoot us a quick note to set up a consultation.

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